Therapy for children with physical and emotional problems

Dear Parents,
each child lives in a family system with a mother, a father and maybe some siblings. In a family system, all members are connected to one another with an invisible string. What one member does or doesn’t do, affects not only him/her but everyone else in the family as well. For a family to mature as a system all members of the family must have a healthy emotional system in place.

An emotionally loaded event can disturb this balance. If one person feels bad, all the others will compensate in order to restore the balance in the system. Children in particular are very susceptible to these emotional changes. Therefore, it is important we rebalance the whole system starting with you as a mother/ father.

For this treatment to be successful, I need you to become actively involved in the process.

Is your child having difficulty concentrating? Is it hyperactive or aggressive? Does it have abdominal pain without apparent reason or does it suffer from any other physical complaints?
Ritalin is often the method of choice in the school medicine. However, other causes often remain undetected and untreated for years. A downward spiral of enormous physical and emotional suffering begins.
My holistic diagnostic and treatment concept offers a natural alternative to Ritalin for children. It touches the soul of your child deeply. It is not without reason, why we say: ”Wounds are healed, which no one sees from outside.”
If you seek my therapy, you should be willing to work together with me and be open for new ideas.


Welcome in my practice!
Katja Weidemann
Natural health professional for children


For appointments in my practice or via online chat please contact me at
telephone number: 0241/9661187 or online.

Laboratory Cost

Faeces:  ca 50-100 euro
Saliva: 59 euro
Rubimed: 16 euro per bottle

Homeopathie (cluster):  58 euro (100ml)
Pro- and prebiotcs:  30-80 euro


120 euro/hour

First appointment/ anamneses:
100-200 euro (parents)
100 euro (children)

Checking 1 month later:  50-150 euro
Consulting by phone :  25 euro/15min.

Heilpraxis Katja Weidemann


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